Call Collector Windows Service

If you receive an error message when trying to start Call Collector Windows Service saying...

Unable to load configuration object:psiCCService.ServiceConfiguration

This means that you do not have sufficient Administrator rights to start and stop Windows Services.
In Windows, you may be deemed an Administrator but still not have Full Admin rights.

A simple test of this is as follows....

Click Start>All Programs>PABXSoft and then RIGHT CLICK Call Collector Windows Service and select 'Run as Administrator'. If the error disappears and you can Install, Start the Call Collector Service then the issue is your Admin rights. The only problem is that this is only a partial solution. Most times, data collected by the Call Collector Service in this mode will not appear in Reports unless you also right click the Reports shortcut and also select 'Run as Administrator'.

You can permanently save this 'Run as Administrator' option by Right Clicking and selecting Properties, Compatibility and then selecting 'Run as Administrator'

Whilst the solution described may be satisfactory, it is still better to have Full Administrator rights in the first place.







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