Importing from raw data files

PABXSoft stores a file of raw data for every day that the Call Collector is running.
These files are located in the PABXSoft\Call Collector\Data\Daily folder and can be opened in Notepad.

What you see in these files is what we receive from the telephone system before we process it and store it to our database.

Sometimes it is useful to be able to import one or more of these files into PABXSoft.

Typically this would be where the pabxcalls.mdb database has corrupted or become too big (over 1 gig) and you are starting again with a new database.

Importing is done through the Call Collector (not the Call Collector Service)

Click the import button and select the Daily file to be imported.


Do this for 1 day only and then check that is has imported correctly by running a report on it. Not all telephone system data can be imported, especially if it is a system where we allocate the date and time of the call from the PC date and time. If your import shows today's date and all the calls processed under the current time, then you can't import.

If the first day's import was a success, then repeat the process for as many days as you like, but you have to do it one day at a time so it can get pretty tedious.






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