Reports Freezes when exporting to Excel/Word etc from within a PABXSoft report

PABXSoft was first released in 1999 and since that date, every now and again, on any operating system, almost completely randomly, this export lock-up problem has happened.

We know what it is...(a conflict within Windows Explorer) but what we have never found is a fix or a reason why it only strikes one in a hundred computers, irrespective of operating system. We ARE seeing it more often now on the latest Windows OS, but even so, perhaps up to 5% of the time from 1%.

So if you run a PABXSoft report and preview it to screen, click the Export icon at the top and select an Export format (e.g. Excel) and then it locks up and you have to use task Manager to kill PABXSoft Reports then we are sorry, but we can't fix it.

However we CAN offer an alternative solution for almost all of you suffering this annoying problem.

Schedule the report instead. Run PABXSoft Scheduler and tell the scheduler to send the File in Excel format to your chosen folder. If you want the report NOW, simply change the Scheduler time to five minutes ago and then Start it up. (Reports>Features>Schedule>Start)

We say almost all of you, because sometimes the Scheduler doesn't work either, but that is VERY rare and almost always caused by an entirely different conflict (we think with software that like us, has Crystal Reports embedded into it, but a different version of Crystal). FYI...Crystal Reports were pretty much the one and only reporting software developers like us could use 'back in the day' and the product no longer exists.





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