Modifying Call Costs, re-costing existing calls in database

Reports > Maintenance > Modify Call Costs

Local and Long Distance

Click the General Tab and tick 'Are you entering rates inclusive of Tax?'

Enter rates in the smallest currency unit (e.g. Cents or Pence) including VAT, GST, Sales Tax at the rate defined in Reports>Setup>Site.

Most common mistake is to enter rates in Dollars, Euros or Pounds(UK)

e.g. If you want to cost a call at 10 cents per minute, you enter a rate of 10 in the box, not 0.10

Use the Wizard button (bottom of screen) if unsure. It guides you through it.

Re-Cost button

Click this button if you want to modify the call costs of calls already stored in the database


Enter rates inclusive of VAT,GST,Sales tax and enter it in dollars, pounds,Euros. e.g. the opposite of how you entered rates for Local and Long Distance.

e.g. If you want to enter a rate of 50 cents per minute, enter 0.50 not 50







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