Scheduling Reports to automatically go to email, printer or file

Each user of PABXSoft can set up their own list of reports to run automatically at a scheduled time. The parameters for the scheduled reports are stored in the Reports.mdb database (Reports folder) located in the users Reports folder.

Scheduling a Report to be sent by Email

It is not normally possible to use the Scheduler sending via web mail based programs (Gmail, Hotmail etc) although of course you can send TO these services as the email recipient.

The first step is to make sure that PABXSoft CAN email from the computer, and this requires a test.
Go to Reports>Features>Scheduler>Scheduler Setup
If you are using an external mail server then normally your default email settings (assuming you are using Outlook) will be sufficient. Do not enter a Username or Password unless you know that one is definately required for you to SEND mail. Entering a user name and password, where one is not required, may cause the Scheduler to fail to send.

Click the Test button and send an email through PABXSoft. It is not uncommon for mail servers to block mail sent to yourself, so if possible, send to a a completely different email address that you can check quickly.


If you don't receive the email, double check your settings, and also check SPAM folders. The way that PABXSoft sends an email is very similar to how spammers would do it, so many times the PABXSoft email is assumed to be SPAM.

If the test worked, then simply go to the report you want, set up the parameters as to how you want the report, click the Scheduler icon (Alarm clock) and enter the settings.

If the test failed, then you need to continue testing and checking settings, until you get it to work. There is no point trying to use Scheduled reports until the test works. Unfortunately, we can not help you any further that the points outlined in this FAQ.

You can set up as many scheduled reports as you like but they will ALL be processed at the one time each day.

The emailed Scheduled reports will be delivered with the report in PABXSoft Reports format (.pbx file extension).

If you have PABXSoft installed on your computer you can open these files by double-clicking. If the attachment needs to be opened on a computer that does not have PABXSoft installed then download and install the small Report Viewer program on the Downloads page of this web site.

Email Reports in Excel format. This option is also available from the Downloads page of this web site.

Schedule to File

Schedule the reports to a directory so that you and anyone else on the network can view the reports

Scheduler straight to your printer

Reports will be sent to your default printer





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