Upgrading from an earlier version of PABXSoft

Although Version 1 of PABXSoft was released in 1999 and there have been seven subsequent versions (Version 8 being the latest and almost certainly, final version), there should only be two versions of PABXSoft out there now....

Version 6 and Version 8.

The Version number is determined by going to Reports>Help>About and seeing what the Reports Version is (not Call Collector)

For example in January 2013 the latest release was version That means there have been 2129 modifications to Version 8 since it was released in 2008.

Upgrade from Version 6

Version 6 does not work on Windows operating systems after XP and the Call Collector does not run as a service, and it only includes telephone system drivers up to 2007, but if you are using PABXSoft on a stand-alone PC running XP, and you haven't changed your phone system, then really, there isn't any great need to change to Version 8. The basic reporting structure is reasonably similar (Obviously V8 has many more options and features but the reports themselves are much the same).

If you do want to upgrade then you need to purchase an upgrade license (approximately 50% discount off the price of a new Version 8 license). To do that, either contact your PABXSoft re-seller, or us, using the Contact form and attach your existing license (a .LIC file in your business name and most likely to be found in the PABXSoft directory in C:\Program Files)

You CAN retain all your existing data (from your Version 6 database) because if you follow the instructions below, Version 8 will upgrade your database to the new Version 8 format. If you don't care about your old database and want to start from scratch, simply skip step 5, 6 and 7in the instructions below but pay a lot more attention to what you enter in Step 4 (as you will be keeping it)

1. CUT (not COPY) your PABXSoft DATA folder and paste it somewhere else (e.g. Desktop, My Documents). The Data folder is normally located at C:\Program Files\Call Collector\DATA

2. Delete your old license file (or cut and paste it some place else. The license file will be located in the PABXSoft folder and be named your business name.lic (e.g. Acme Tools.lic if your business happened to be called Acme Tools)

3. Download and install PABXSoft Version 8 (you do NOT need to uninstall Version 6)

4. Once Reports has loaded you can skip quickly through the simple setup instructions and then close Reports.

5. Paste your old DATA folder over the top of the newly installed folder.

6. Start Call Collector (NOT CAll Collector Service !!!) and wait 30 seconds. This gives PABXSoft Version 8 time to update your old Version 6 database tables to the new version 8 format. It will also add about 100 new telephone system drivers that have been written since Version 6. Now Terminate Call Collector (right click the grey handset icon in your system tray and select Terminate)

7. Re-open Reports and register your new license. Then go to Setup>Site>Edit and make sure your telephone system model, and connection details are correct. Save. Close Reports

8. Start Call Collector (not Call Collector service). Make some calls. If it all appears to be working and calls are appearing, Terminate Call Collector and Install and Start Call Collector Service (See FAQ No.1 if you have trouble with Call Collector)





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