Can not register the license key

The PABXSoft license key is a very small encrypted file that is unique to your installation site. If you try and open it, you run the risk of corrupting it. If you can't register your license, then 9 times out of 10 it is because the file has been opened and become corrupted. Refer back to the person who has the original email from PABXSoft containing the license key and get them to send the license to you straight from that email.

The other (rare) reasons for license key failure are...

(1) We messed up and made a mistake and we need to issue a replacement.

(2) The wrong database has been installed. License keys and databases are country specific so if someone accidently installed , for instance, PABXSoft and selected UK instead of USA, then the license would fail. However, you WOULD get a message telling you about the country mis-match

(3) The license key VERSION does not match the installation Version. Right now we only have two versions out there. Version 6 and Version 8. You can't use a Version 6 license on a Version 8 installation, you need to purchase an upgrade. You can't tell whether you have a version 6 or a version 8 license. They look identical. If you bought PABXsoft more than 5 years ago, you have Version 6.

The license key file should be put in the PABXSoft installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\PABXSoft)

If you are installing Reports on multiple computers in your office all pointing back to the database on the Call Collector computer, then use the same license key each time.

If you receive a license key from your PABXsoft dealer that does not have YOUR business name on it, then you are not using a legitimate license. The license key has your business name encypted into it and this name will appear on all screens and reports. If your re-seller's business name appears on the screens, or it says 'Not For Resale' then they have given you the wrong license.


Need a copy of your existing license key?

Computer died and you have lost your license and need to re-install on a new computer?

No problem so long as we can trace your old license.

All license keys are indexed here by YOUR registered company name so if your company has changed names since you bought PABXSoft we need to know what the old business name was.

When we send you your old license we can re-issue it in your new company name so long as we can be provided with clear evidence that you are one and the same company.

Have you got an old PABXSoft report printed somewhere?

The registered name we need appears on the top of every report.

Still no luck...let us know who you bought PABXSoft through (your telephone equipment maintainer normally). We can search our sales records as far back as 2003. (Before that, sadly, we can't).








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