14 Day Free Trial instructions

PABXSoft comes with a free 14 day trial. Simply download the Version 8 Installer from the Downloads page above and follow the step by step instructions given by the installer.

The 14 day trial is at 'Premium' level and unrestricted extensions and when it comes time to buy PABXSoft you simply need to register your license key, no installation required.

One important thing though is that if you operate a small business and purchase our SME version, it is restricted to collection of data and reporting on 20 extensions max, so if during your trial you had more than 20 extensions operating you will need to refine things in Reports>Maintenance>Extns and Depts>Extn Names to reflect the 20 extns that you want to report on.

This link will take you to the latest Version 8 Installer containing the 14 day free trial

This link will take you to our installation and user guides section (under Downloads)

This link will take you to the 14 day free trial EXTENSION

How to register a purchased license after running the 14 Day Free Trial

Step 1

Close ALL PABXSoft programs (e.g. Stop Call Collector Service, or Terminate Call Collector, depending on which one you are running, close Reports)

Step 2
Save your license file to the PABXSoft folder (normally C:\Program Files\PABXSoft)

Step 3

Open Reports, click OK to any warning messages about your trial having expired) and go to Setup>Registration

Click Purchased license>Locate and double click your license file and then click Continue. A message should come up thanking you for registering. Close registration

Open Setup > Site > Edit and make sure that your telephone system model and connection settings are still OK. Click Save and Exit. Exit Reports and re-start whichever Call Collector you were running previously.





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