New things added recently into PABXSoft Version 8

PABXSoft continually evolves. Telephone system manufacturers bring out new models that require us to modify our drivers or write new ones. Sometimes we add a new feature.

The list below describes some of the recent feature additions.

1. Re-Cost calls in database
This feature (found in Reports>Maintenance>Modify Call Costs>Local and Long Distance) applies the current call rates to calls already stored in the database. For example, let us say the software was installed two months ago and you only just realised that the rates were not as you wanted, simply change the rates to what you want and then click the Re-cost button and select the date range for the calls you want to be re-costed.

2. Remove Duplicate Call Records

Found in Reports>Maintenance>User Preferences>Database this feature does exactly what it says. It deletes any duplicates. Duplicates can occur if someone has used the Import function of Call Collector and accidently imported calls twice. It can also occur on the Samsung systems if an active serial port connection and an IP connection are present to the telephone system, and on older Avaya systems if the Call Collector is run and then the Call Collector service is run.

It can also occur when there is a fault on the telephone system and duplicated data is sent.

3. Scheduler Email Test

Reports>Features>Schedule>Scheduler Setup>Test This feature allows you to verify whether you can send emails through PABXSoft Scheduler.






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