Sending Files to PABXSoft

Raw Data files

PABXSoft Call Collector stores the raw data received from the telephone system into a unique Daily File (one file for each day) before it processes the data and stores to the database.

These files are located in the PABXSoft/Call Collector Data/Daily folder on the computer running Call Collector

(Normally the PABXSoft is located in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86) folder)

You can open the files using Notepad.

If you have a discrepancy where you can see calls in the raw data file but they do not appear in Call Collector or Reports then this normally means that the wrong telephone system model has been set in Reports>Setup>Site.

However, if you want to send a suitable daily file to PABXSoft then use the Contact Us page, fully describe the problem, and tell us what telephone system brand/model you have got PABXSoft set to. If the issue is that a particular call is not showing up then tell us the details of this call (e.g. Extn 204 made a call at 8.35am to xxxxxxx)


Sending the database to PABXSoft tech support (if we request it) is simply a matter of zipping it up (it normally reduces the size by 4-6 times if you zip it by right-clicking the pabxcalls.mdb file and selecting 'Send to Compressed Zip folder')

Then use the Contact Us page to send it to us. Remember. this is a large file and you must leave the Contact Us page open until the file has fully uploaded. We have been told that there is often a 'failed' message after the transfer, but most times the file seems to have got through ok despite the message.

Screen Shots

Sending us a screen shot is a really useful way of showing what the problem is. The simplest way to send a screen shot is to click the Print Screen button on your keyboard (normally marked PrtScn) and then open Word and right click and 'Paste' the captured image into the Word doc. Then save the Document and email it. If you have multiple images to send then using Print Screen can make the document really large, so using a a free screen capture program like MWSnap3 instead, where you can save as a jpeg file (MUCH smaller size). Again, use the Contact Us form to send the file to us.






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