Buying PABXSoft (either for the first time, or upgrading from an older version)

Buying PABXSoft for the first time

If you have already setup your telephone system and it is outputting data then you are ready to either run our 14 Day Free Trial or Order (Use Contact Us link above to send us your details so we can quote you).

The price of PABXSoft depends on

1. How many telephone extensions you want to report on (e.g. more or less than 20 extensions makes a big difference in the price)

2. Whether you are a Hotel / Motel / Serviced Apartments (as you will need our Premium version which is a little more expensive)

3. Your Country and Currency. Whilst the price of PABXSoft is pretty much the same across the World, currency fluctuations can make a difference. PABXSoft license keys and internal databases are Country specific, so regrettably, you won't be able to take advantage of a cheaper price in another country as the software simply won't work when you try and use it.

We used to sell telephone support. We no longer do, because everything is now done via the web site. If you can't find your answer in the FAQ section then use Contact Us.


Upgrading from an older Version

It costs you absolutely nothing to get the latest upgrades for YOUR version.

If you go to Reports>Help>About you will see your version of Reports.

The first number is the all important one (e.g. 8.xx.xx.xx) where xx can be anything, but the first number (8) means it is Version 8.

You can go to the Downloads > Latest Upgrades page above and get the Latest Version 8 upgrades. Simply close ALL PABXSoft programs down (especially the hidden one - Call Collector Service) and run the upgrade, then re-start Call Collector. Don't expect huge changes though. Mostly the changes are small and relate to new drivers for new telephone system models. Sometimes there are some great new things which you can find on FAQ No.21

If you have Version 1,2,3,4,5,6 and want to upgrade then you need to purchase an upgrade to Version 8 (it's about 50% cheaper than buying new). Use the Contact Us form above to request a price.






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