Call Collector and Database Location

It is very common for Call Collector Service (and the Database) to be located on a computer (normally a server) somewhere, and the person who uses Reports day in day out, somewhere else.

The trouble comes when something goes wrong that requires the Call Collector to be closed down for a while.

Where is it?

Open Reports>Setup>Database Location. That will give you the path to the database.

If the problem you are facing means that you can't open Reports then you can use the Registry if you have permission to access it.


Hkey_Current_User > Software > VB and VB Program Settings>PABX>Database

If you can't run Regedit or open Reports then it's probably a logical conclusion that the Call Collector Service is running on a server that is on 24 x 7. Even if you don't know the correct login to use to start or stop the service, you should be able to identify the location by browsing through your network places. The PABXSoft installation will be in the Program Files or Program files (x86) folder on one of the drives (normally C) and you should be able to see it because in order for you to run Reports the folder would have had to be shared to give you access.









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