Database in Use Error Message

PABXSoft uses one central database (pabxcalls.mdb) to store all data (telephone call records, extension names, departments, call rates, etc)

The database file is (normally) located on the computer/server running PABXSoft in the Call Collector\Data folder.

When Call Collector is running (and some of the critical setup functions of Reports like Registration and the Site settings) the database is exclusively locked and a small locking file (called pabxcalls.ldb (not the only difference is the letter L in ldb instead on M in mdb) is created. This locking file is what is creating the error message.

You can only get rid of this message once all PABXSoft programs on all computers are closed down.

Task Manager is a great place to look and see if a PABXsoft program is running on each computer.
Look under Applications for anything with the word PABXsoft in it and if found, End Task it.

Then look under Processes for psiccservice. This is the name for Call Collector Service. End Process it.

Remember you may have to do this on several computers that are running PABXSoft.

Once the locking file (pabxcalls.ldb) has gone (as a last resort you can simply try and delete it but remember to delete the small locking file NOT the large database file).

If all else fails

Re-booting the computer can sometimes help in removing the locking file (although of course the Call Collector / Call Collector service)

Corrupted Database

The Database in use error message also comes up if the database is corrupted. The corruption most commonly happens when someone wants to look at the database and opens it in Access. If they allow Access to convert the database (which it will ask to do) then it is no longer in the format PABXSoft needs (Access97)and is essentially rendered useless. Some versions of Access allow you to save the database file as an earlier version, but frustratingly the more recent versions of Access don't allow you to save as far back as an Access97 format.

If the database has a minor corruption you can try repairing it using the PABXsoft Database repair tool

(Go to the PABXsoft folder on the machine running Call Collector and open Database Repair Tool and run DBView.exe

Select Database > Repair and double click the database file. If it can be repaired it will start work and may take up to 30 minutes to repair, if it can't be repaired you will get an error message almost straight away.

Can't be repaired? Only option is to download an empty database from the PABXSoft Downloads link above and start from scratch.





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