Data shows up in Call Collector but not in Reports

1. Check Dates on the Telephone system, and the Computer running Call Collector.

Most times, this is a date issue. Either the telephone system is incorrectly programmed and is sending out call data with the wrong date, or in the wrong format. (e.g. PABXSoft may be expecting the Date of the call in DD-MM-YY format in the UK or Australia, but the phone system is sending it in USA format MM-DD-YY)...or vice versa,

2. Run Reports as Administrator

If you are running Call Collector Service and to do so, you had to right click the shortcut and select 'Run as Administrator' then you have to do the same thing when you run Reports. (You can save this permanently under the Reports shortcut Properties)

3. Re-Install.
If critical components have been removed then a re-installation may fix the problem. It should not be necessary to un-instll, just close everything PABXSoft related down, and run the appropriate Full Version installer download from this web site. Make sure to say NO when advised that the database (pabxcalls.mdb) already exists and whether you want to over-write it or not.

4. Full Database

PABXSoft uses an Access97 database. Yes, really, the original SQL database. We have tried a number of other recent databases (e.g. SQLite) and found that on a large database, they were much slower than good old Access. So we have stuck with Access. However, the database has one major flaw. It can only grow to 1 gigabyte in size. As soon as it tops that size, it's toast. That's why PABXSoft has an Archive feature and an alert to warn you that the database is growing too large. (You can change the Alert safely up to 300meg limit in Reports>Maintenance>User Preferences>Database)

So, if you pabcalls.mdb database has been allowed to grow to 1 gig then you will see data in Call Collector, but it won't be getting into the database. You need to download a new empty database from this web site Downloads page, and start over.






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