OSENXPSuite error message when starting Reports

If on opening Reports the screen becomes criss-crossed with lines and a message appears referring to OSENXPSUITE then the problem may well lie in FONTS

Go into the Control Panel, open Fonts, select Tools/Options

Click the TrueType Fonts tab, and remove the tick fromShow only TrueType fonts option

If the error is 'ActiveX cannont create object' then this generally means that the some of the critical PABXSoft installation files have been blocked and not registered during installation.

These files that should be manually registered are installed in the Windows System folder and are called



The Windows System folder is normally either

C:\Windows\Sytem32 or C:\Windows\SysWow64

If you do not know how to manually register a DLL or OCX file please either Google it, orask your local IT person. The link below is one example of many on the Net explaining how.










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