Move (re-install) PABXSoft onto a different computer

Step 1

On your original computer, locate the PABXSoft DATA folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\PABXSoft\Call Collector\DATA)
Right click and copy it, and paste it somewhere else.

Step 2
Locate the license file (e.g. C:\Program Files\PABXSoft\your business name.lic). Copy the file and paste it somewhere else.

Step 3
Open Reports>Help>About and see what your Reports Version is.
If it is Version 8 then Download the Version 8 Installer from the Downloads page above, if it is Version 6 then either Download the Version 6 installer or contact your re-seller, or PABXSoft to buy an upgrade to Version 8. Version 6 was produced in the Windows 98/XP era and does not work on modern Windows operating systems.

Step 4
Run the installer as if you were doing a brand new installation. Copy your license file into the new PABXSoft folder when prompted. Complete the new installation (but don't do anything other than the bare minimum). When complete, close the installer (if open) and Reports. Now copy the DATA folder over from your backup and paste it over the top of the newly installed DATA folder (or delete the new DATA folder first).

Step 5
Run Reports and check your settings are all there (Setup>Site)







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