Install Reports onto additional computers

Connecting other computers to be able to run Reports is incredibly simple... in theory...(but Windows security, sharing and permissions often gets in the way)

Here's how it works
The computer/server running PABXSoft Call Collector, connected to the telephone system writes data to a database called pabxcalls.mdb and to raw data files for each day in the Daily sub directory of the Data folder The Data folder is typically located at C:\Program Files(x86)/PABXSoft/Call Collector/Data

To add another computer running PABXSoft you simply need to share the Data folder with full read/write permissions with the new user, then install Reports on that new computer and point the database location to the pabxcalls.mdb file back on the firstmachine. Done.

Installing on a simple Workgroup in Windows 7 or Windows 8?
Windows does not provide full read/write permissions on files and folders inside the Program Files directory.
Copy and paste the DATA folder from the computer where PABXSoft is running Call Collector to one of the common Library folders (e.g. Documents, Videos, Pictures). Make sure that it is then shared with the other users with full read/ write permissions. Then open Reports>Setup>Database location on the Call Collector computer and point to the new location. Then go to the other computers that want to run Reports in the WorkGroup and point to the new database location in the same way.

Installing on a Domain.

Step 1
Close ALL PABXSoft programs and services down on ALL Computers.

You MUST stop Call Collector Service or Call Collector, Reports, Scheduler on every computer that has PABXSoft installed. Nothing at all can be connected to the PABXSoft pabxcalls.mdb database file.

It's easy to check whether this has been done. Go to the PABXSoft folder on the Server/PC and then to the Call Collector/Data folder. there you will find the PABXCALLS.MDB Access 97 database file (don't try to open it !!!)

If a PABXSoft program (e.g. Call Collector service) is still running then there will be a 1kb locking file called PABXCALLS.LDB. It will only disappear when every PABXSoft program and service is closed

Step 2

This is where you will almost certainly need your IT person.

You have to SHARE the PABXSoft folder with the SPECIFIC user (not the Everyone Group) with Full Read/Write Permissions granted to them on all tabs. Five seconds work for someone who understands all that, but a minefield for those who don't. (e.g. If it is to be John who needs Reports on their computer, then user name John needs full read/write access to the PABXSoft folder on the Server)

Step 3

Install PABXSoft Reports only (not Call Collector) on the other computer, (OR install PABXSoft Call Collector as well if you wish, but then you will need to click the Setup>Database Location button in Reports to re-direct Reports to the database on the Server rather than the locally installed one that comes when you install Call Collector)

Copy the PABXSoft  license file from the first computer to the new computer during the installation process when prompted. It is a .LIC file in your business name (e.g. Acme Tools.lic) and should be found in the PABXSoft folder of the original Server/PC.

When Reports loads you will prompted to locate the database. Browse to the pabxcalls.mdb file on the first computer/server (normally C:\Program Files (x86) / PABXSoft/Call Collector/Data/pabxcalls.mdb

Step 4
Run a test report and if all ok, close Reports (very important that you do not leave Reports open at this stage)

Step 5
Repeat the process for all other computers you want to add Reporting to.

Step 6
Re-start Call Collector Service/Call Collector (whichever you were running) on the original computer/Server


Now, once the Call Collector is back up and running, the other users can open and close Reports whenever they like.


We often get tech support enquires saying "We have followed these instructions to the letter, and it is still coming up with a File in Use" error message. Trust us, after 15 years of doing haven't followed the instructions to the letter, and the most common mistake by far is leaving Call Collector Service running, followed by not doing Permissions correctly. Sorry to be blunt but we have wasted thousands of hours over the past 15 years on this one issue with people who really didn't follow the instructions above 'to the letter'. It 100% ALWAYS works if you do.






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