Allowing Users to Start / Stop Call Collector Windows service without Admin rights

Windows released a program a few years back called Subinacl.exe

We have packaged this application up and coded it specifically to allow users to start and stop Call Collector Windows Services.

1. Log in under a full Administrator account.
2. Browse to the PABXSoft>Call Collector Service folder (normally in C:\Program Files (32 bit machines) or C:\Program Files (x86) (64 bit machines).

3. Run the file called will see this screen..

4. Enter the Username that you wish to be allowed to run Call Collector Service. (You can use Group names as well like Everyone) and Click OK

5. Log out and log in under the Username

Note: PABXSoft must be installed under that Username. You can install PABXSoft under multiple user account names but be careful during each installation that you don't over-write the database file. (You will get a warning during installation). Take a backup copyof pabcalls.mdb first.








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