Scheduled Reports in Excel format

Please read this before downloading this option.

Normally the Scheduler sends emails with the report attached in .PBX format, which can be opened using the Report Viewer program (available on our Downloads page for anyone, does not require licensing or PABXSoft installation).

This is the best format in almost all cases.

However sometimes people need to manipulate the data and so an option for Excel format is provided, but you need to be aware that...

(1) Many mail programs and fire-walls block emails sent in this manner with Excel or Word documents as they consider them a potential threat.

(2) When you receive the email and attachment and try to open it, you will very likely be warned that the file is a potential threat and give you 'Read Only' access even if you accept the file as being ok

(3) The file will possibly then throw up a data error message. Don't worry about that. Simply save the file as a new Excel Workbook in whatever you current version of Excel is, and then you can work with the file.

Download this file and run it once the current scheduler has been stopped and closed.
Then re-start the Scheduler. You do not need to do anything differently, the file will be sent in Excel format.