Version 4 ,5 and 6 licenses expired on Jan 1st 2010

Do you get a message saying your Trial license has expired when you open Reports despite having used PABXSoft for years?

Yes? Please accept our apologies, this was not intentional. It was a coding error in our license creating software, made many years ago that surfaced at the beginning of 2010. Don't worry though..we can fix it. One of the gratifying aspects of this problem that has kept us very busy since Jan 1st, re-issuing licenses and upgrades, has been that SO many people are still using our software after literally the best part of a decade and the kind emails we have received telling us how great the software is. Thank you...and now onto the fix.

The options open to you are as follows:
(1) Request a replacement license that does not expire free of charge but stay with your current version or
(2) Upgrade at a substantial discount to the regular Version 8 price to our latest release.

(Version 8 not only looks better, it has several new reports, a multitude of new features, and the facility to run the Call Collector as a Windows Service).

If you wish to have the free replacement then please send an email to with either a copy of your existing license (a file called lickey.lic normally found on the root directory (e.g. C:\lickey.lic)), or else the name that your current license was registered under (this name appears at the top of all printed reports if you have some old reports handy. We also need you to tell us what telephone system brand and model you use.

Also, if you are taking the free replacement, please note that you MUST be running Reports version (check by opening Reports, click the Warning message about your license, and then go to Help>About PABXSoft and note the version of Reports. If it isn't then click here to download the file (Version 4,5,6) you need to work with the replacement license. Before running the file, please make sure all PABXSoft programs are closed. DO NOT download Version 8. You need to buy an upgrade license for that.







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