Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1 Data is not being collected from the telephone system
2 Can not register the license key
3 Data shows up in Call Collector but not in Reports
4 Move (re-install) PABXSoft onto a different computer
5 Install Reports onto additional computers
6 Specifications - Windows Operating system compatibility, MACS, Tips
7 Installation on virtual machines (e.g. Citrix)
8 Reports will not load. Comes up with an error
9 Archiving the database (and restoring) and repairing a corrupted database
10 Importing from raw data files
11 Supported Telephone System and Setup instructions
12 Reports freezes when exporting to Excel/Word etc from within a PABXSoft report
13 Modifying Call Costs, re-costing existing calls in database
14 Importing Call Costs, Extensions, Departments, Account codes from spreadsheets
15 Scheduling Reports to automatically go to email, printer or file
16 Viewing emailed reports on a PC without PABXSoft installed
17 Multi-Site Setup and Instructions
18 Error - Unable to load configuration object:psiCCService.ServiceConfiguration
19 Upgrading from an earlier version of PABXSoft
20 14 Day Free Trial instructions and one-time only free trial extension
21 New things added recently into PABXSoft Version 8
22 Sending files to PABXSoft support
23 Buying PABXsoft (either for the first time, or upgrading from an older version)
24 Hotel/Motel Setup and Functions
25 All User guide and installation instructions
26 Finding where Call Collector and the Database are located
27 What the Call Types (I / C / O / A) in Reports/Call Collector mean
28 Interfacing PABXSoft with other software (e.g. Front Office software in Hotels)
29 Database in Use Error Message
30 Run Command not visible in Windows
31 OSENXPSuite error message when starting Reports
32 Allow users without Admin rights to Start/Stop Call Collector Windows Service



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