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Instructions for Version 8 installation - Click here

PABXSoft installers will not work with Windows 95/98/NT/ME and is not recommended with 2000 and Server 2000
You must have a Version 7 or Version 8 license to install Version 8 (V7 licenses were first issued June 2006)
unless you are installing for 14 Day Free Trial or Demonstration. Note:It is the version of PABXSoft Reports (Reports>Help>About) thatdetermines your version, not the Call Collector version.


Version 8 Last updated July 3rd 2012 - 55 meg 
Version 4,5,6 Last updated July 19 - 2007 - 38 meg
Osen2007 Files For version 6 only if OsenXPSuite2007 error message occurs









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The Version 8 full download includes a free 14 day trial


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