Directory Table

The Directory table is there is help you "personalise" the destination names
in PABXSoft Reports. You can add a number, name and costing band, and
whenever that number is called, the name you selected will be displayed in
the Reports in place of the default name.

You can also enter incoming caller id numbers to the directory.

'Premium' license users can also utilise the Activity Alert function.
If an Alert is set on a number, then if the number is called an e-mail will be
sent immeadiately providing details of the call.

Filter Selection Options

Enter a number exactly as you would dial it here. PABXSoft will only match entries
that are identical to the number dialed. The number entered can also be an incoming
callers id.

Enter the name you wish to have displayed in PABXSoft reports whenever the
number is dialled

You must enter an appropriate cost band so that PABXSoft applies the correct
cost to the call. If you enter an International number select code "I" and PABXSoft
will work out the Country code and costing from the International Rates table in
the Maintenance menu.

Account Code
Enter an Account code here and if the Directory matches to the number dialled the account
code will be applied.

Hide Digits Dialed
Enter a prefix and click this button and the digits after the prefix will be masked by *** in Reports.
This might be used to protect passwords for phone banking. (e.g. Enter 131 and then click the Hide Digits
button and save. The list on the right of the screen will show %131 (the percent symbol is to notify you that
the Hide digits field is being used).
If someone then calls 131234533344 the Reports will show 131***********

Activate Alert
This feature is for 'Premium' license users only. When activated, a match on the directory number will trigger
an e-mail immeadiately. Please note that this is for Outgoing calls only.