There are two levels of password protection within PABXSoft reports

1. Access to the Reporting Menus

2. Access to the Setup and Maintenance Menus Each level can have a unique password.

The default password for both levels is "letmein" (case sensitive)

You can also prohibit access to the Account Code and Authorisation code reports unless
the user has the 'Full password'

As soon as you "Enable Passwords" PABXSoft will require a password for both initial access
to the Reports menu and another password for access to the Setup and Maintenance menu.

You can not have it set-up to only provide a password to Setup and Maintenance only or
Reports Menu only.

Setting Passwords
1. Check the "Enable Passwords" box
2. Enter the old password (default is letmein)
3. Enter the New password twice typed exactly the same way
4. Click OK
5. Exit

If the password change is successful, you will see a message saying "Reports update accepted"
To test, close down the Reports menu and re-open it. You will be prompted to enter your password
(Remember it is case sensitive)

Cancelling Password protection
Remove the Check box against "Enable Passwords" and click OK.

You should see a message saying that Passwords have been removed. We recommend that you
also re-set the passwords you used to the default setting of "letmein", so that should the
"Enable Passwords" box be checked again at some stage in the future it will not use the
password that you have just used. (You may forget the password you used)

Forgotten your password?
PABXSoft has an override password that will reset passwords back to the original setting.
Removing and re-installing the PABXSoft application will not remove the password.

If you have forgotten your password you must apply in writing (fax or email) for a "reset" password.