Site Table

You must shut down the Call Collector before changing any settings in the Site table

The Company Name field is automatically inserted with the registered name

Local Site STD Prefix (only visible if in Australia)
The Area code prefix is shown here. If you see an incorrect prefix then you need to
go to Reports/Setup/Modify Area Codes/Aust Bands and enter your telephone number
followed by Calculate Bands

Your license file should have the correct model embedded into it so that you should not
need to make a change here. Take care not to change the model unless you need to as
the Call Collector will cease to function.

This is the rate of tax added to the cost of each call. The rates you enter in the
Call Cost table should inclusive of this rate of tax.

Comm port or IP address selection buttons
Select how data will be received from your telephone system

Comm Port
This is the Serial (Communications Port) on the back of your computer that the cable
connecting you to your telephone system is attached.

Port Speed
This is the speed (baud rate) that data flows between PABXSoft and your telephone system
The rate must match the output of the telephone system

Data Bits
Almost always leave this at 8. See note 1 below

Leave this at none. See note 1 below

Stop Bits
Leave this at 1. See note 1 below

Flow Control
Set this to Hardware. See note 2 below

Whilst almost all telephone systems use the standard settings of 8 data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit there
are a few that typically use settings of 7 data bits, even parity, and 2 stop bits.

Flow Control setting of Hardware is the most common and should be used unless problems are encountered
in which case 'NONE' is the next most likely choice.

IP Address
If data is received from your telephone system via an IP connection, enter the IP Address and port number here
(NB Samsung systems all use port 5100, LG and most other systems port 23)

This field is not used at this time

This field is not used at this time