Telephone Call Reporting Software for business

New look for xp  and vista dowload now

PABXSoft Telephone Call Reporting Software, released in 1999 has been installed in hundreds of thousands of businesses across the World.

This type of software is also commonly called Call Accounting Software, Call Management software, Telephone Information Management Software, but, in reality it is all the same thing.

PABXSoft works on Windows Operating systems from XP onwards to the current day. It is server based (operating as a Windows Service) and allows up to seven (7) simultaneous connections to the database allowing managers from multiple departments to run Reports.

PABXSoft connects to almost all major telephone systems around the World and is a recommended choice for many international brands including Avaya, LG / Nortel, Panasonic, and Samsung to name a few.


  • Simple to install and use
  • Incoming and outgoing call reports
  • Real-time or historical reporting
  • Unlimited users at no extra cost
  • User editable call costs with Wizard
  • Simple to understand reports
  • Used in every industry
  • Well priced. 40% below market average.
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