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2. Version 8. Latest upgrade news

This page describes recent enhancements, changes, bug fixes in Version 8.
If you are an existing V8 user download and run the Latest V8 upgrades

September 2010
Addition of Call Type filter in Extension, Department, Department Summary and Top 30 Reports
(Filter to include/exclude - Internal, Local, National, Mobile, International, Other outgoing call types)

Addition of 'De-Duplicate function" to remove any duplicate records in the calls database
Located in Reports>Maintenance>User Preferences>Database

August 2010
Support for Shortel VOIP systems added

January 2010
Allworx time adjustment facility resumed.
Nortel Meridian (USA) caller id issue fixed.

September 2009
New low cost small business release (SME) designed for 20 extensions or less

August 2009
"Traffic" screen font size has zoom option (F11/F12) to facilitate better display on overhead screen
"Traffic" screen has Print and Export facilities added
Calls costed at Off Peak rates over weekends

September 2008
Support for Panasonic TDE/TDA systems connection via IP added

September 2008

International Call Rates - Intermediate Call Cap and Maximum Call Cap added
Support for Avaya IPOffice (S/W release 4.2) via IP added
Support for Ericsson MX telephone system added
Support for PBXnSip telephone system added

April 2008
Support for ALLWORX telephone systems added
IP connection to Aastra telephone systems added

March 2008
IP connection (PING request) changed to continue checking for IP indefinately. (Previous releases timed out).
Number Search Report now includes Zero Duration andZero Cost calls.
Toshiba CIX/CTX. Supports connection via IP as well as via Com port/RS232
Ericsson KS096 telephone system driver released

Feb 2008
Removed need to close Reports before starting Call Collector/Call Collector Windows Service.
Nortel BCM. Modified Call Collector/CC Windows service. Recommended for all BCM users.
Zultys MX telephone system. PABXSoft now works with this IP telephony system
Number Search Report now has Extension Range filter option
Monthly Summary Report. New Landscape format to include new fields (Average Call Duration and Average Ring Time)
International Call Rates. Import function modified. Global Change/Rate change option now available for Table 2. Extension Summary Report now includes 'Save Preferences' option.
| Line Rental option now provides for Daily or Monthly option (relevant to Extension, Department, and Line Detail Report)
(To configure Line Rental go to Maintenance>Modify Call Costs>Billing)
Alcatel Omni PCX (OXO) telephone system support for IP connection completed and released. here

Jan 2008
'Show' button bug fix in Call Collector Windows Service. (This was a very rare fault that did not stop the Service from working but would throw an error if the 'Show' button was clicked).

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